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About Us

On Dobleu Labs, our Web Design Development Studio, we strive to create solutions for our clients. We specialize in websites, catalogs, e-commerce and all kinds of internet presence.

We have a long standing experience, which started on the late 90s, in web design and development.

Rodolfo Murrieta


I've worked in web design and development since 1996, when my first web work assignment was to create the site for a bank in Ecuador!

After deciding into specializing on web design, I've been part of at least 400 projects in Ecuador, Spain, United States and Mexico.

Currently, I lead the studio and focus on project concepts, design, usability and integration'

Itzi de la Rosa

Content Manager

Assistant and content manager of the studio.

The love for the technology and desing made me follow this profession. My work in the studio is focused on manage content for web pages.

Miguel Soto

Designer / Content Management

I am responsible for the design and content management for studio projects.